Spyhawk FPV EPO Foam Version 2 Airplane (Complete) RTF


Spyhawk FPV EPO Foam Version 2 Airplane Complete First Person Video System with Autopilot, Onboard Video Recorder, and Video Receiving Transmitter RTF!



The SpyHawk FPV Ready To Fly Version 2 Package Includes:

  • SkyHawk 4 Channel Mini EPO Foam Glider
  • 5.8GHz FPV System with Recording Module & 4GB SD Card
  • 3 Axis flight stabilisation system to make flying easy and fun
  • 2.4GHz Radio Transmitter with a built in 5.8GHz video receiver and high resolution 3.5" Color LCD
  • 7.4V 650mAh LiPoly battery and balance charger
  • Spare propeller, user manual and glue
  • Version 2 Servos
  • Version 2 Larger Elevator
  • Version 2 Enhanced Cooling

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Trainer & More

UAV pilots are in high demand and are commanding 6 figure salaries! If you have limited RC or limited FPV (First Person Video) experience, this is the best way to learn basic skills! If you are comfortable flying a trainer plane on a simulator, you can fly the Spyhawk! At just 6 oz total all up weight (including battery), it is difficult to damage and it is difficult to inflict damage to other property in a crash! But donít let the small size and the small price fool you. The video quality is excellent. The size of the plane does not matter, because you are controlling it by looking at the video screen, not looking at the plane itself. With the onboard stabilization system, it flies extremely well, even in high wind! At 1/100th the price of many entry level UAVs, the Spyhawk teaches you the following:

  • Piloting skills
  • Battery care
  • Using checklists
  • Adjusting for wind
  • Aerial Photography
  • Flight control mixing
  • Assembly and wiring
  • Basic components of UAVs
  • Aerial stabilization systems
  • Using onscreen flight data
  • Manual takeoffs and landings
  • Counteracting wind turbulence
  • Servo control and control linkages
  • Antennas and wireless transmission
  • Effective communication with your spotter

For Fire Departments, Search and Rescue, and Law Enforcement, this is a great training tool, yet it can be used in the field as well. The Spyhawk has many characteristics of very expensive UAVs at a fraction of the cost! This is a great way to start to implement UAVs into your agencies

Overall Length:24.29" (617mm)
Flying Weight:6.35oz (180g)
Flying time:around 30 mins
Motor:C1404 Brushless KV3000
Battery:7.4V 450 mAh
Transmitter:2.4Ghz 4 Channels vs 3.5″ LCD Monitor
Video+Audio:5.8Ghz Transmission
Camera:5M pixels camera included
Live video distance:400 meters
Battery Compartment Area:30mm x 25mm x 110mm
OSD module included
Auto-pilot module (Option H301A)
Video Recording module (Option H301A)


Wing Span:33.19" (843mm)
Wing Span:33.19" (843mm)
WingSpan - 33.19" (843mm)

Overall Length:24.29" (617mm)
Overall Length:24.29" (617mm)
Overall Length - 24.29" (617mm)

Flying Weight - 6.35oz (180g)

Flying time - around 30 mins

Motor - C1404 Brushless KV3000

Battery - 7.4V 450 mAh

ESC - 6A

Transmitter - 2.4Ghz 4 Channels vs 3.5″ LCD Monitor (included)

Video+Audio - 5.8Ghz Transmission

Camera - 5M pixels camera (included)

Live video distance - 400 meters

OSD module (included)

Auto-pilot module (Option H301A)

Video Recording module (Option H301A)

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